treasure yg.jpeg

Congratulations for TREASURE! It’s been a while, from the survival show to a real debut, you guys deserved it!

What an accomplishment, 9.1 million views within 24 hours for a debut music video is dope. Although they might not be the most viewed k-pop debut video (TXT got 14.1 million views within 24 hrs, and ITZY with 17.1 million views), but I think the smashed it.

As a YG fan, I am so happy that they finally released the whole music and video. I really appreciate Haruto and Hyun Suk who participated in writing the song.

I think they are representing a lot of YG style, especially with the success of BLACKPINK in the international market, it will help YG artists to get more notice too. Especially in a country with a huge K-pop fan base like Indonesia.

The song “BOY” was not really my type, but I could see that they really try participating on the process, and they are young too!

Either with the second song “Come To Me”. Probably because they are much younger than me, I could not relate, but I think overall, the songs are really enjoyable.  But again, congratulations BOYSSS!

Two months prior to their debut, YEDAM released WAYO, which was co-written by WINNER’s Kang Seung Yoon. The R&B, ballad anthem was smashing too.  But I think, Treasure is going to smashing it because the Japanese members have such a big fan base.

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