Paul Hernandez Debut EP ‘DEEPER THINGS’ 2020


Paul Hernandez is releasing his debut EP titled “Deeper Things.” The EP has four songs in total.

Paul is also known as a Christian rapper, he was nominated of the Rapzilla’s 2012 Freshman. Rapzilla is a Christian Hip-Hop media based in America. He was part of BELIEVE CONFERENCE, VANCOUVER B.C, RICHMOND SUMMER NIGHTMARKET 2019-2020 as a guest artist, and many more.

At his bio, on his website, he told how his crafts are always inspired by the love of God. Which you could listen in his newest EP, “Deeper Things”.

From my point of view, you could spot how God help his hopelessness. What I found was the songs are very empowering, especially during this COVID-19 era. Just remember that you are not alone, that God is always beside you, no matter what!

My favourite song from this EP is “‘Til You Found Me.” The song reminds me of how God placed Himself as the Shepherd, while we are the sheep. Sometimes we often lost, and forgot that God is there to help us.

Give this EP by Paul Hernadez a try guys!


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