Crash Landing On You Soundtrack


Crash Landing On You is one of the dramas that I watched while I’m doing my online uni and quarantine due to COVID-19.

Not only that, but Crash Landing On You is also one of the highest-rated dramas. I mean they even defeated Goblin which Gong Yoo was on it.

I think the story was a bit sad, but it’s an amazing story at the same time. I think the first few episodes were so funny. I think Ri Jeong Hyeok who was portrayed by Hyun Bin is such a funny character, but yet he is cool at the same time.

And I think, Seon Ye-jin is also amazing, she portrayed the character really well. It was something unexpected but expected at the same time.

I believe that artists like Yerin Baek and Crush are perfect for the soundtrack. I mean we all know that they are not able to get a legal marriage proposal, which was so sad. So I think Crush’s Let Us Go is such a perfect song.

But let us be honest, they meet by fate and that’s the cutest and beautiful aspect from the story of this Crash Landing on You drama. I mean we can’t find someone like Ri though in the real world.

But overall, I love the drama and the soundtrack, isn’t it for me to say that?

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