WINNER Remember

WINNER might be sounded like a winner, but at their agency WINNER has such a long story. Their pathways to success are not easy at all, they might win their first music show after a week after their debut, but they also suffering such a long hiatus. Their music is different from all the YG idol groups which tend to have hip-hop music with Teddy helped them producing the songs. From Bigbang, 2NE1, IKON and BLACKPINK they at least have worked with Teddy once.

But I don’t think they are the black sheep inside the company, I think they have great songs, to begin with. I was not into K-Pop too much, but I feel like YG suited my style because I love hip-hop music so much. I saw that the members struggled before achieving their success through Really Really and I truly appreciated their hard work. YG at least let MINO as one of the members to release a full album titled XX that showing his other side as an artist.

So here is WINNER’s last album with their complete member for now. Let us show them some love, the fact that Song Minho was the one that mainly produced most of the new songs totally giving WINNER some new sides.

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