m-flo tell me tell me 2020

m-flo tell me tell me 2020

m-flo tell me tell me.jpg

Earlier on March, M-Flo released the song called Tell Me, Tell Me. The song featured the South Korean rapper Sik-K and Japanese singers Taichi Mukai and Eill. I really think that collaboration is really suited for each artist.

The song combined English, Korean and Japanese language which I think it is the right description for today’s world. I mean we like the song due to the groove, the vibes rather than the meaning itself. Although I really think that the meaning of the song is still important for me. But luckily, we have CC on YouTube which is great.

I think Tell Me, Tell Me is a great song for this quarantine time, especially for those who love K-Hip-Hop and Japanese Pop and Hip-Hop at the same time. All of them are amazing artists, so please kindly check this song out.

I feel like M-Flo is really going back, they are super famous especially in the early 2000s, I think with 2020s now they are collaborating with other artists like what they did years back.

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