Goodbye, Glen Fredly


cred: Glen Fredly’s Instagram

It was a shocking moment as Glen Fredly announced passed away. He is one of the most talented musicians back in Indonesia. I remember listening to his songs, he is known for his romance R&B songs. But moving forward, Glen also actively known for his open-mindedness with his friend Tompi on Narasi TV. I think that it showed that Glen is more than just a singer.

I think one of the most unique pieces from Glen that really amazing is called Agamamu, Agamaku. I believe that religion is such a sensitive topic in Indonesia, yet people try to interfere with it as if people are able to control everyone’s religion. So that’s why I think Glen is such a talented artist, he is able to create things that are actually very open-minded and mesmerizing for people to listen.

I am truly sad about this loss, but your music pieces are always here with us. Rest in love, Glen Fredly and you’ll be missed. Actually one of my favorite songs by Glen is called Januari

Kisah kita berakhir di JanuariSelamat tinggal kisah sejatiku – Glen Fredly Januari


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