Eminem Music to be Murdered By 2020

Eminem Music to be Murdered By 2020

eminem music to be murdered by.jpg

Eminem also surprised his fans by the album Music To Be Murdered By. Since the released of The Marshall Mathers LP 2 in 2013, it took Eminem 4 years to release another album called Revival back in 2017 and he continues to release another album like Kamikaze the recent ones, Music To Be Murdered By.

Firstly, no matter how people criticize Eminem, he shows that he is a 48 old guy that’s still relevant in the music industry for the young generation. If we look upon musicians with his age at the moment, they don’t have a strong imprint like Eminem, especially at the hip-hop industry, I mean Kanye is younger than Eminem.  I think Eminem also giving the inspiration to young people not to give up so easily. Eminem failed his 9th grade 3 times, got bullied, his father left him when he was a kid, his mother hated him, his wife cheated on him, he relapses and he is the most successful hip-hop artist.

On Music To Be Murdered By, Eminem also collaborated with his frequent collaborator like Sheeran, Skylar Grey and Royce da 5’9″. I really like the album and I’m going to give you my 3 favourites (or more) of my favourite songs. Firstly I love Never Love Again, Darkness, Leaving Heaven and Godzilla. This album is actually also contained the first release of Juice Wlrd’s work after his death. I think that although some people might criticize Eminem’s work overtime he still the Rap God. On the song Godzilla, Eminem rapped 10.65 syllables per second beating his other records from the songs like Majesty where he rapped 10.3 syllables per second and Rap God where he rapped  9.6 syllables per second.  And I think that the song Leaving Heaven is really dark, but cool at the same time.

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