Birds Of Prey Soundtrack 2020

Birds Of Prey Soundtrack

Birds of prey.jpg

Hi there sorry for being MIA for such a long time. So as you may know that I did an internship back in Jakarta for 2 months. I was really busy and I was busy with my new degree as well. But more than that I’m planning to make a YouTube channel as well so please subscribe!

So I missed a lot of music to review! Firstly, I would like to talk a few Birds Of Prey Soundtrack. I love Harley, I think she’s funny and everyone’s alter ego, especially when they have such a hard break up. Similar to Charlie’s Angels soundtrack the soundtrack of Birds of Prey consists of amazing female artists. From Normani, Doja Cat to Halsey. This Birds of Prey Soundtrack got 15 songs from new songs to rework songs like Sway and Hit Me With Your Best Shot.

So my first favourite soundtrack is Boss Bitch by Doja Cat, I think it showed the character of Harley as the centre character. But at the same time, it also pictured the other female characters like Huntress, Black Cannary, Cassandra Cain and Renee Montoya. All the female characters are actually working together to fight against the Black Mask where it shows the girls’ power.

My next favourite song is Diamonds by Normani and Megan thee Stallion. I really think that Diamonds has such a cool swag vibes. Megan thee Stallion’s raps compliment Normani’s sweet voice. Diamond was actually one of the main reason on why the female characters on this movie came together to fight the bad guy.

My last favourite song from this album is Sway With Me by Saweetie & GALXARA.  It’s actually a contained the lyrics of Sway song by Luis Demetrio. I think its a cool song, Saweetie, is a rapper with African-American and Asian background which made me so proud of how diversities represent the music industry in the world. So that’s it about the Birds of Prey Soundtrack album.

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