Jackboys and Travis Scott 2019

Jackboys Travis Scott 2019

Jackboys Travis Scott 2019.jpeg

Jackboys is the recent project by Travis Scott and his creative crew, Jackboys, it is a compilation album. According to Complex,  Jackboys featured the new talents from his own records. The album consisted few collaborations with Rosalia, Don Toliver and many others. Travis Scott is such an amazing artist, Jackboys is currently his first release after Astroworld back in 2018. Moreover, in 2019 Travis also participated on the Game Of Thrones Soundtrack, for Power is Power.


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I personally love the vibe from the Jackboys project and you can listen to the Highest In The Room remix, which I think it’s the perfect opening song for this album. I think that Travis Scott is currently one to watch in the hip-hop industry, his experiments are really worth it to check.

I always said that I’m not a fan of “mumble” rap, but to be honest it is hard to resist to sing along and dance to Travis Scott’s song(s). Last but not least, I am looking forward to the Cactus Jack Crew, I really think that they are such an amazing collective. J.Cole’s collective also released their crew collaborative project with Dreamville, while Top Dawg Entertainment is also preparing another one.

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