Park Bom First Snow 2019

Park Bom First Snow 2019

Park Bom First Snow

park bom first snow.png

Park Bom come back with another song called First Snow with Sandara Park. Park Bom has several comebacks this year, Spring, 4:44 and the Queendom survival show. Not to mention that Park Bom also featured in MC Mong’s album for Channel. Moreover, 2019 is also Blackjacks’ year, considering that CL also comeback with In The Name of CL saga.

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I personally think that First Snow is a nice winter song, previously Park Bom released All I Want For Christmas Is You featuring Lee Hi back in 2013. Still running in her R&B genre, Park Bom amazed the fans with her new singles, to be honest, D-Nation giving Sandara Park more songs compared to YG. With almost 9 years in YG, Sandara Park only has 1 song, I would say CL made the best decision when her contract expired.

Hopefully, we are going to see more 2NE1 collaboration in the future, considering that most of them are not in YG anymore, I do love YG Entertainment, they have a lot of amazing artists from their main label to their subsidiary. But, again they are rarely releasing a new song.

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