Blue.D ft MINO Nobody 2019

Blue.D ft MINO Nobody

Blue.D ft MINO

Blue.D ft MINO Nobody.png

Blue.D ft MINO Nobody is finally here. Previously Nobody was supposed to be released back on November 25, however, due to the passing of Goo Hara, the member of KARA, the release of the song was postponed.

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The song, Nobody was showed to the public for the first time during New Journey to the West show. The public then excited to see how the collaboration between Blue. D with MINO for her first single through YGX.

Overall, I think it is a decent released by Blue. D, overall her voice is really a balance for Song Minho’s tone that has a deep tone, her unique voice is another key point of the song, I think the phrase is really catchy. The repetitive part of “nobody, nobody, nobody” is easy to remember. Through the snippets that were given on the show, New Journey To The West, I think public anticipate Blue. D more, but as expected she is such an amazing artist.

Although it’s been a rough year for YG Entertainment family, I would say they are doing very well, their artists are always one to watch, from the main company to the other venture of the company they are doing well. Hoping 2020 will be a better year for YG Family and friends.


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