The Game Born 2 Rap

The Game Born 2 Rap

The Game Born 2 Rap

The Game Born 2 Rap .jpeg

The Game’s Born 2 Rap is finally released in all platform. The album has 25 tracks and also featured artists like Ed Sheeran, Miguel, Nipsey Hussle, Anderson Paak and more. What most interesting for me, the album also featured the recent winner of Rhythm and Flow‘s D Smoke.

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The Game is one of the rap legends, so younger people like me, are mostly not really familiar with The Game. But I think Born 2 Rap album is going to appeal to a younger audience, considering there are current artists that young people are listening to. But I have to wait for the Born 2 Rap album for a while now.

I love first track, City of Sin that featured Ed Sheeran’s vocal. I don’t think that this track is actually featured The Game’s rap, but I think it will be interesting if it will feature The Game’s rap. Born 2 Rap is actually featured a lot of different style of rapping by The Game. In fact, in my opinion this album featured some biblical, but not biblical references.

Welcome Home featuring Nipsey Hussle is a special track for me, considering he is now in heaven. Although if I am being honest, I rarely listen to Nipsey Hussle and The Game’s music. Considering that I am a fan of Anderson Paak, the track Stainless is one of my favourite songs.

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