James Arthur You 2019

James Arthur You 2019

You 2019


James Arthur You.jpeg

Actually, I missed James Arthur‘s You released. The album was released back in October and has several featured artists like Travis Barker, Ty Dolla $ign and more. Both, James Arthur and Ty Dolla $ign was part of The Greatest Showman: Reimagined, although they were part of a different track.


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Firstly, I am actually loving the track You featuring Travis Barker. I think the song has a few mixes of hip-hop and rock music. It reminds me of Yungblud’s music with less emo music, but I do love both artists. Surprisingly, the music video of You did not get that much love from the fans, despite its deep meaning about the society. Well, you can’t always satisfy the public.

The other track that I like is Treehouse, I love the vocals from all of the artists that featured on the song. I love James Arthur’s voice, because of that sad tone voice, for some reason it really calms me down. Moreover, I personally would be listening to all of the tracks from You album, Maybe is one of my favourite tracks. Would say that James Arthur is one of the most successful singer from a talent show.

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  1. James Arthur has to be my favourite singer!


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