Alif Aolani aka Airliftz

Alif Aolani aka Airliftz


alif aolani aka Airliftz.png

If you are going to Sik-K World Tour in Malaysia and Singapore, you will be greeted by the supporting artist, Alif Aolani aka Airliftz whom I have been following on my Instagram for a while.

Alif Aolani aka Airliftz is an artist coming from Malaysia, I think he is such an inspiring artist considering he tackled the bullies that he suffered as a young kid, this I got it from Says. Music was part of his venture from the bullies. His first EP, Bagel was released back in 2017. The EP has 5 tracks.

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I would totally recommend Airfliftz for you guys. I think that an artist is not the only someone that able to flex but also able to encourage his/her fans to stay stronger against bullies and other things. These current generations have suffered bullying, depression and other things. To speak frankly, that everyone might not be perfect, but if Airliftz is able to stand out from the bullies so do you!

You check for more Asian artists and other artists all around the world from OTHER. Why OTHER? I personally think that K-Pop, J-Pop and C-Pop are had quite a big niche. Hence I made OTHER to show more of artists from all around the world.

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