The Weeknd Heartless 2019

The Weeknd Heartless 2019

The Weeknd Heartless

The Weeknd Heartless 2019.jpg

The Weeknd recently released his single Heartless, according to Genius, the song is rumoured to be about the on and off girlfriend, Bella Hadid. Over the years, The Weeknd has reported by dating supermodel Bella Hadid and the pop star, Selena Gomez, which I think both are amazing women.

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The song, Heartless is going to be part of The Weeknd next upcoming album, it is also The Weeknd solo single after 2018, in 2019 The Weeknd part of Game of Thrones’ soundtrack, Power is Power featuring SZA and Travis Scott. The next journey after Heartless is Blinding Lights, which you can listen to its snippets through Mercedez advertisement.

Overall, I would say that I would recommend Heartless for people who love R&B music this winter, I would say that the song is really perfect for wintertime because the song is talking about a breakups moments, but I think if you are currently just in love with a chill song, The Weeknd’s Heartless will do it for you.


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