Rina Sawayama STFU! 2019

Rina Sawayama STFU!

Rina Sawayama STFU

Rina Sawayama STFU.jpg

Rina Sawayama recently released STFU! I previously listening to some of Rina Sawayama’s song here. I would say growing up in the UK, with Asian background was really hard for Rina Sawayama. She experienced discrimination. In fact, a lot of Asian experienced a lot of stereotypes. I would say a lot of artists with Asian background taking a bold statement in music, Lia Kim, Lexie Liu and CL for example.


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I would say because most of Asian is being seen to be submissive, or experienced the orientalism through their music or traditional clothing. And I personally think that the song STFU! by Rina Sawayama is clearly about how you are going to stand up for yourself.

Quoting from Upset Magazine, Rina Sawayama stated;

“As a Japanese girl growing up in the West I dealt with an array of aggressors ranging from: sexual stereotypes, comparisons with Lucy Liu and Cho Chang, to having to be the unofficial PR person and tourist board to Tokyo (a city of Western fascination that I left when I was 4), to people shouting Asian greetings down the street (nihao! Konnichiwa!), and finally to people doing “slit eyes”.

Indeed, although some Asian people are “looking” similar, that does not mean they are the same, I experienced myself by living in Australia, on how people thought I am from Malaysia, Thailand of Philippines. They simply look at the facial structure, although I am a Chinese descent. I also experienced by a person questioned my name on being “Western name”.

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