19Tyger and Eleven Fingers

19Tyger and Eleven Fingers

cred to VICE I just copy the photo! 🙂

We are travelling back to Thailand to see 19Tyger and Eleven Fingers. Both are from Klong Toey, one of the most overpopulated cities in Bangkok.  Some people have the image of Klong Toey is a city with crime, poverty and drug.

From the documentary of VICE, 19Tyger and Eleven Fingers share on how the people in Klong Toey lived in poverty and hardships. And although Klong Toey is mostly related to illegal activities, 19Tyger and Elevenfinger shared that some people that lived in Klong Toey are good people.


Quoted from VICE, Eleven Fingers said that he could not even get a taxi as there is a stigma from a taxi driver about the people that lived near the port even 19Tuger also supported his friend.

“I can’t even get a taxi to take me home at night. When the drivers hear I live near the port, they won’t take me.” – Eleven Fingers


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“They think it’s too dangerous, or that they might get cheated.” – 19Tyger

It’s totally in contrary to what most the tourists heard about Thailand that completely the opposite from 19Tyger and Eleven Fingers experiences. I would say that the flow of 19Tyger and Eleven Fingers are really cool, this is not the first time I listened to a Thai rap, I previously listened to F.Hero.

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