Beck Hyperspace 2019

Beck Hyperspace 2019

Beck Hyperspace

beck hyperspace.jpg

Beck‘s Hyperspace recently released, the album contained 11 tracks including collaborations with Sky Fereira and Terell Hynes, Pharrell Williams also contributes as a producer on this Hyperspace album.

Personally, this is the first time that I am listening to Beck. I really thought that Beck’s has such an interesting musical approach on this album. Hyperspace for me has electro-pop and trap vibes. The first track of this album has a unique melody, I really love the dreamy feel from Hyperlife.

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As the second track, Uneventful Days the track as a similar melodic feel to the first track, it has an electro-pop vibe from the track. The third track has more trap and rock vibes, it actually reminds me of Miyavi’s style. To be fair it is always exciting for me to listen to various different music. It’s really fun to see how Pharrell Williams working with another artist as a producer.

I personally really like the track Die Waiting, it’s actually one of my favourites tracks from the album.  So, I really think that actually, this album is a really decent album, because I think there is some mix on this album, I read that Beck is also incorporate lo-fi, rock and hip-hop music, so I think that’s the most interesting thing from Beck’s music.

I would recommend Uneventful Days and Die Waiting from this Hyperspace album, I those two are my favourite songs from the album. But there you go, let us know what is your favourite song from the album on the comment section.

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