Jayko ft Alife KANE 2019

Jayko ft Alife KANE

Jayko ft Alife

Jayko ft Alife

Jayko released the new music video for KANE featuring Alife. If you have no idea on who is Jayko is, you need to check the short question with Jayko here. I would say that Jayko is a super down to earth artist, it’s because he took me seriously and answering the questions that I sent.


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You must be aware that I don’t spend much time lurking or listen to Indonesian hip-hop, mainly because I am very selective. I would say that considering Kak Jayko is my online friend I really a fan of his art. For the record, the title KANE is actually taken from the current Indonesian slang language, which I am not really good at. I feel like both my Indonesian and English are equally bad.

So according to Brillio, KANE means something that really good or comfortable. I feel like it does match with the songs, the whole rhythm and vibes are really fun from this song. I am not very familiar with the artist, Alife, but I think he is also such a great artist too. I would totally recommend people to listen to some of the Indonesian music. We do have a lot of talented Indonesian musicians, I handpicked all of them on the section Indonesian.

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