INTL: EP Prettymuch 2019

INTL: EP Prettymuch

INTL: EP Prettymuch

INTL- EP Prettymuch .jpg

Prettymuch recently released their EP titled INTL: EP, if you know Prettymuch was formed by Simon Cowell, the guy behind the success of One Direction, Westlife and Little Mix. Simon Cowell recently also making a statement on making a UK POP be a trend, this actually raised some fans furiously.  I think I enjoyed every pop music, no matter where they are from and most importantly I think K-Pop is going to stay in the music industry for a long time now.

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However, I think personally since the hiatus on ONE Direction I don’t think that there is actually a group coming from the West that is actually has a big fandom as big as Asian music groups. Ironically, Simon Cowell group, Prettymuch making a collaboration with NCT Dream.

There are many aspects that I think Asian music group are currently dominating the market, although I think both aspects are amazing. I love that the whole music industry is actually merging the differences between the East and the West. Previously I also put Prettymuch’s Phases.

Personally here are the reasons why Asian music groups are currently dominating the industry.

  1. Numerous comebacks in a year
  2. fan meeting that somehow really fun
  3. merchandise
  4. fans services, which I think I don’t see much from a Western’s artist
  5. For some reason Asian marketing game is real, they do have music from Japanese, Chinese and Korean version to engage with various fans.
  6. Fandom base all around the world

But I do think that Prettymuch’s INTL: EP is an interesting EP, merely because, in this EP, Prettymuch collaborated with a various artist with a different background. First, Prettymuch collaborated with CNCO, a Latin-American boyband and NCT Dream. Prettymuch also collaborated with artist like Luisa Sonza and Inigo Pascual.

I think you can see a lot of different background of artists on this INTL:EP, maybe because it stands for “international” which could be the reference for the artists’ background. Overall, it is a decent EP and looks forward to their other releases.

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