Show Luo No Idea 2019

Show Luo No Idea

Show Luo No Idea

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To be fair, I crossed Show Luo through a post about designer toys and interior design channel here. As you might know that I am a fan of collecting toys, although the collection is not as big as a lot of people. It turns out that Show Luo is actually a singer, comedian and an art collector, he is such a true performer.

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This 2019, Show Luo released his album titled, No Idea. I would say that Chinese is part of my life because it is part of my roots and I used to study Mandarin when I was a kid. Listening to Chinese songs are very familiar for because of my father and I do have Chinese traditions in my family. Check out for our Chinese music here.

I personally interested in how Show Luo approached the entertainment, he referred Takuya Kimura as his idol, indeed I found him an interesting singer, especially on the song 羅志祥, which actually translated to Luo Zhixiang which is his real name. There are other artists from China like Kris Wu and Lay that are showing they can do a genre that originated from the West aka hip-hop and R&B music.

Although I am learning Chinese when I was in high school, Chinese is not my forte, so there is some language barriers to understanding the songs and titles. But this album, No Idea has some English title tracks which I listened to. So, melodically and based on my feelings, I love the track No Love and Nobody Can.


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