Rosalía El Mal Querer 2018

Rosalía El Mal Querer 2018

El Mal Querer 2018

Rosalía El Mal Querer.jpg

Rosalía’s El Mal Querer is the non-English latest album that I checked. I discovered the genre called flamenco pop, which is the combination of jazz, blues and rumba, bossa nova, Gypsy, Latin, Middle Eastern, rock, Cuban swing, tango. I would say this is not the first time I listened to Spanish songs, singers like Enrique Iglesias is one of the Spanish singers that I listened most as a young kid. I listened to a lot of non-English album, from Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian and others. I would say I heard a lot of Spanish from Pitbull’s songs.

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I would say that this El Mal Querer album is really unique, I would say I am definitely in love with the main single, Malamente, Bagdad and Pienso en tu mirá. I would say those three are the songs from El Mar Querer that are my favourite. I feel like the three songs here really captivate my ears.  If you would like to listen to all the detail reviews, Anthony Fantano dissecting each single here.

I would say I am in love Bagdad because it displays some of alternative R&B feels which I really love. In fact, considering that flamenco pop is influenced by jazz, blues it was not surprising that actually, El Mal Querer by Rosalía has a certain influence of R&B feels. I would say based on this I would say the music world has then become genre-less. I personally found it interesting in listening to other songs that are not in my language, in a way it’s actually giving me other knowledge that I may not find it on a book. 

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