Wolftyla’s Instagram

Wolftyla is another upcoming, emerging artist from American with African-Amerian and Korean-American background, according to Famous Birthday,  Wolftyla starting her career through Vines videos before switching and focusing her career on the music industry.


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The same thing happened to Wolftyla and to MISO as both don’t have their EP released yet. I would say that I am actually loving Wolftyla’s voice a lot. As someone is known for her comedic actions in the past, Wolftyla showing how good she is as a musician. Actually, she reminds me of Rich Brian, of whom his career took off through Dat Stick, but he managed to prove himself as part of 88rising and managed to released 2 albums, Amen and The Sailor.

Overall, I would say that I feel like Wolftyla is an exciting artist to watch in the US, in fact, Rosé from Blackpink has actually recommended her through her insta story. Isn’t it amazing?

Recently Wolftyla also released her track With You, which I think is one of my favourite tracks from Wolftyla by far. My favourite songs from Wolftyla are With You, All Tinted and Impressed. I am looking forward to Wolftyla’s EP or album in the future. I would say that Wolftyla reminds me a lot of Jhené Aiko‘s style of music.

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