MISO Instagram

MISO is one of the South Korean singers that has a unique voice. Although she has a mysterious background to scoop here, we are going to look forward on her releases. Some of you might know her song Take Me, through Lisa from Blackpink solo dancing stage.

According to some of the news, MISO is also part of Club Eskimo’s group along with DEAN, RADMUSEUM, Crush, Punchnello and many others. I actually know some of her music as her music is just popped out from my YouTube suggestion. It is also being said that MISO grew up in England. Most MISO’s songs are written in English, so you don’t have to worry about language barriers.


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I would suggest if you are a fan of NAO, Ella Mai, H.E.R and Jhené Aiko, I would say you are going to love her as much as do. I would say that MISO’s voice displays such a unique tone, it’s really soothing to your ear. Actually, her most recent release is O.B.E featuring Chek Parren, but I would say that most of the tracks are really cool.

My favourite tracks from MISO are Take Me, O.B.E, Blinded and Lost. I would totally recommend her for your music playlist, she is such a splendid singer, would like to have her come back very soon.

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