FKA Twigs Magdalene.jpeg

FKA Twigs released her album, Magdalene in 2019, the album composed of 9 songs which Cellophane is part of the album. Future is the only artist that featured on this, Magdalene album. As you might hear that FKA Twigs is being nominated for Best Music Video, other artists are nominated for other categories like Lizzo, Lil Nas, Tyler the Creator, 21 Savage, YBN Cordae and NaoCongratulations to all the nominees!

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I would say that the album is really intriguing, I really love her alluring and mysterious voice. I would say that FKA Twigs incorporate some music like electronic on this Magdalene album. I personally think that some of the emotions from this Magdalene album are really complicated.

I would say that I do have a few tracks that are my favourite from this Magdalene album, Sad Day, Cellophane and Mary Magdalene are my favourite. For some reason, I always fall in love with the main track or single from an album. I would say because of Cellophane is really showing FKA Twigs’ skills on dancing.

I would say that the track Mary Magdalene is really interesting, the song was taken inspiration from a biblical figure, Mary Magdalene. I think it is interesting to see FKA Twigs writing the song on feminity perspective, which I would say is a complicated topic. But let us know what do you think about the album, Magdalene.

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