The Soul Messengers 1975

The Soul Messengers 1975

the soul messengers 1975.jpeg

The Soul Messengers is a musical group from Dimona, I know this group from a documentary of VICE Hip-Hop in the Holy Land, which also brought me to artists like Tamer Nafar and Ben Blackwell. If I was not mistaken, Ben Blackwell’s grandfather is the main vocal of this group, The Soul Messengers.

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The Soul Messengers has an album titled by the same name back in 1975, the album based on 11 tracks that mostly composed of mainly R&B/soul gospel-inspired album. The songs mostly almost make you feel more elevated. I would say I do have several songs that are my favourite from this album, Let It Be Me and A Place To Be are my favourites from the album. I would say that this album is still very listenable to this day.

I feel like sometimes, music world brought me into another world that I would never imagine. For example the beats and the feelings that I got from listening to the songs. What I would say is that every perspective on this world is always going to be different, but I do believe through music we might have the same page for the unity of this world.

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