DavidBeatt Roof 2019

DavidBeatt Roof 2019

DavidBeatt Roof

DavidBeatt Roof.jpg

Davidbeatt, one of the Indonesian influencers released the track called Roof, he is probably doing it for fun, but it does sounds legit and did not seems to be too gimmicky. The track was produced by Gerald Gerald. Davidbeatt’s Roof has a unique visual that drawn from the rooftops of anime series, it also featured some of the anime snippets which might bring you certain memories. I personally think that the track Roof is somehow refreshing music.


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This is not the first time that Davidbeatt showing his rapping skills, previously he also featured on CVX, Never Surrender. The track Never Surrender was released last August 2019. The track itself featured numerous rappers and singers like Tuan Tigabelas, Davidbeatt, Avia Athalia, Kay Oscar. In the past, CVX also collaborated with Laze one of the most prominent Indonesian rappers and many others.

But I think Roof is a decent solo track by Davidbeatt, I think it represents the character of Davidbeatt, I don’t think that the song is too gimmicky. I personally think that there are a lot of talented Indonesian creators that being overshadowed by a celebrity who is looking for sensation, but I hope I am able to give you talented musicians that you can check out. You can also look for more Davidbeatt’s content here.

Lastly, I would suggest even if you don’t understand the meaning of the song, try to enjoy the visuals and other prospects of the music itself. I think if you are approaching various music through that approach you will find a lot of interesting things. I will link more about interesting artists soon.

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