Home Made Kazoku

Home Made Kazoku

Home Made Kazoku

Home Made Kazoku, the most loved hip-hop group for anime theme

Home Made Kazoku.jpg

Home Made Kazoku is a hip-hop group based in Japan, there are 3 members MICRO, KURO and DJ U-ICHI. They were formed back in 1996 and in 2016 the group decided on hiatus. Actually, Home Made Kazoku reminds me of my childhood like UVERWorld, Aqua Timez and many others. In a way these people kind of introducing me to Japanese hip-hop since I was young. I really hope that the individuals of Home Made Kazoku will be well with their new venture.


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Home Made Kazoku Thank You!! was part of Bleach second theme. I remember I always watched the anime Bleach on Sunday afternoon. Got to say that Bleach by Tite Kubo is still my favourite, the story of Kuchiki Byakuya was so sad but true. But anyway, listening to Home Made Kazoku really reminds me of my childhood.

Bleach Kuchiki Byakuya.gif

Thank You!! – Home Made Kazoku 

Home Made Kazoku is also a memorable group for Naruto fans, Shooting Star is being part of Naruto Shippuden’s first ending theme back in 2007, while their song No Rain No Rainbow is part of Naruto Shippuden’s second movie. Last but not least, the song Freedom is part of Naruto Shippuden’s 17th ending theme.

There are lots of memories with this song, I feel like anime are most likely to choose a friendship and hope theme song, which I think is really working out well. Although my love for Naruto is ended when they decided to kill my favourite character Neiji.

Shooting Stars – Home Made Kazoku

No Rain No Rainbow – Home Made Kazoku

Freedom – Home Made Kazoku

Home Made Kazoku was chosen to be Eureka Seven theme song as well. The song Shonen Heart was part of Eureka Seven second theme song. Although I did not watch Eureka Seven, this song also reminds me of my childhood.

Home Made Kazoku – Shonen Heart 

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