Godfather of Harlem Soundtrack 2019

Godfather of Harlem Soundtrack

Godfather of Harlem Soundtrack

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If I could suggest a good series for everyone, it should be Godfather of Harlem. The scene was taking place on Bumpy Johnson a crime boss in the 1960s. He went back from the prison only to find the neighbourhood that he once ruled is shambled. He formed an alliance with Malcolm X.


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The Godfather of Harlem is showing you how hard life it would be. Forest Whitaker is playing the character of Bumpy Johnson, furthermore, Whitaker was also part of numerous films including Black Panther, Zulu and Southpaw.

Not only that the series is really cool, but Godfather of Harlem also filled with bunch of cool soundtracks to check. Godfather of Harlem soundtrack is outstanding with the presence of Samm Henshaw, Pusha T, A$AP Ferg and Wale. From all the releases that already being released, Rise by Samm Henshaw and Saints and Shadows by Emeli Sandé and Swizz Beatz are my favourite. I would say that majorly the songs really fit with the series a lot, and this is a very rare thing to have in the US drama to have a soundtrack based on a series. So I would say this is a cool thing to do by Godfather of Harlem team.

Let us know what do you think about the soundtrack of the series on the comment section. Let us know which drama or series got the best soundtrack.

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