Yung Raja Mad Blessings 2019

Yung Raja Mad Blessings 2019

Yung Raja Mad Blessings

Yung Raja Mad Blessings.jpg

Yung Raja is a Singaporean rapper, according to Spotify Yung Raja is known to have his mix in English and Tamil languages on his lyrics. He is famous through the remix of Gucci Gang that became Poori Gang. Yung Raja also part of Yo MTV Raps Asian region, where he appeared with Indonesian artist like Ariel Nayaka, A. Nayaka is a frequent collaborator of Laze from Indonesia. I feel like I haven’t put an artist from Singapore on this blog.

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Anyways, Mad Blessings is a song about blessing, I would say that Yung Raja is a unique artist, he also signed to Def Jam Records South East Asia. Well, if you want to see some of the Asian hip-hop connoisseurs, then you must check out Yung Raja’s newest release, Mad Blessings. I would say that all the hip-hop artists that I put out on this blog are going to be on my playlist, but they could be on your playlist!

I would say that Mad Blesisngs is a decent release though, these days I am not in a situation where I really love spontaneous songs, but I fairly said that Mad Blessings is a fun song to listen to.

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