Hi guys, I know that it might be too late to review this album, NEW KIDS REPACKAGE. But I did review a little bit of their song earlier this year here. Before continuing writing about this album, I totally understand what the fans are going through. It was totally unexpected news that suddenly hits everyone. I was so shocked by the news and actually, I’m waiting for the next releases too.


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For the new readers, NEW KIDS REPACKAGE is a compilation album by the group IKON. The REPACKAGE include the compilation of the 2017 single album New Kids: Begin, the 2018 album Return, the digital single “Rubber Band”, and the EPs New Kids: Continue and New Kids: The Final.

The album also featured their number one hit single, Love Scenario which taking the group further success. This leads the agency letting them have a special comeback with Rubber Band, which WINNER’s Song Minho participated in writing the song. And again, the members are in charge of writing the song lyrics. The album also featured B.I’s solo, where Bobby has his own solo album with Love and Fall.

I would not lie that Love Scenario is an easy listening song, where it definitely catches a lot of attention from the public listeners. I was actually waiting for B.I.’s solo album, I really think that what he did with One and Only is really cool. For me, listening to hip-hop music is always exciting, hence I would like to see what will B.I. going to do outside IKON’s music, considering he participated on the show, Show Me the Money. I would say that it could be a different image from YG Entertainment’s new generations, because of Bobby, MINO, Seungyoon and B.I. are all having a different style of rapping.

To be fair from this compilation of IKON REPACKAGE: THE NEW KIDS I really love Bling, Bling. I really thought that the song is really a banger, although they did not get that much attention with that comeback, I would say IKON is in good hands. The members are really close together. It might be hard for the fans to understand, but they will be fine, suggesting someone out from an agency is not as simple as what people are thinking, they do need time to process the whole thing as well. In fact, K-Pop fans should be grateful that their artists have come back every few months, there are artists who have an unspecified comeback like Kanye.  

Let us know which song is your favourite from IKON REPACKAGE: THE NEW KIDS on the comment section.

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