Lonzo Ball 50&30

Lonzo Ball 50&30

50&30 Mixtape Review

lonzo ball 50&30.jpg

Last August, basket ball player Lonzo Ball dropped the mixtape 50&30. Later did I know that actually Lonzo Ball is not part of LA Lakers anymore. I did reviewed some of Lonzo’s rap music back in 2018 here.


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And again, I personally Lonzo got the swag to released some music. I personally did not follow the basket ball season, but I do know that some players are actually releasing some music. 2019 some players like Damian Lillard released an album called Big D.O.L.L.A. And there is a strong connection with hip-hop and basket ball, as everyone is trying to be the best out of the best.

The mixtape, 50&30 is taken from 50 points and 30 rebounds, and guess what the first track of this mixtape, Last Days is actually aiming for LA Lakers. He pointed out LA Lakers going to regret on losing him as a player, this information I got it from Lonzo Wire.

You know I’m all about business

L.A. is going to regret their decision

Straight to the money, you know how we get it

We count up the cash and add up the digits

But again, I personally that this mixtape is super fun, and I really appreciate on how athletes finding their own hobbies on their leisure times. Let me know who do you think is the best athlete/rapper. Don’t forget to comment for the improvement for the blog. 🙂

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