Libertad 548 Pitbull 2019

Libertad 548 Pitbull 2019

Libertad 548 Pitbull

Libertad 548 Pitbull 2019.jpg

Some of the early 2000s kids must me remember Mr. Worldwide aka Pitbull. On 27 September 2019, Pitbull just released his newest album Libertad 548. To be honest I know some Latin songs from Pitbull’s releases. I remember that he also releases a few songs with Enrique Iglesias.

I feel like in Libertad 548 you could listen to the perfect Latin, Spanish and English song. My favourite song from Libertad 548 is Me Quedaré Contigo as Ne-Yo is featured on it. And those memories of Give Me Everything Tonight just came back all along. I personally think that Pitbull’s song is always perfect for pool party anthems.

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I totally would say that a lot of Pitbull’s songs are actually not my cup of tea, but I would totally down for some tracks. For example when Pitbull featured on Aqua Man’s soundtrack and the World Cup. I would say that Pitbull got this enthusiastic vibes that I would totally down, but at the same, his songs are the polar opposite of my personality.

But there you go, the man is still up on the rise with the release of Libertad 548. Let us know what do you think about Libertad 548 on the comment section below.

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