Le’Veon Bell Rapping

Le’Veon Bell Rapping

Le’Veon Bell Rapping

Le'Veon Bell.jpg

There is another football player that actually has music career outside the field. Le’Veon Bell, he is an AMERICAN FOOTBALL PLAYER, I mostly post few of EUROPEAN FOOTBALL PLAYER, maybe you guys called football as soccer am I right?


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I personally was not familiar with the game of NFL itself, but I do know some players. In fact I knew American Football through an anime called Eyeshield 21. The anime is actually making me want to be an American football player for a while.

eyeshield 21.gif

So moving on, Le’Veon Bell is the running back for New York Jets and according to XXL back in 2016 Le’Veon Bell is crowned as “the illest rapper” from NFL Game. From the interview Le’Veon Bell was even asked about Damian Lillard’s They Sleep

Moving on in 2019, Le’Veon Bell released a track called G Code where people think that the track is not cool enoughthe track is not cool enough. And most people are advising Le’Veon Ball to stuck with football instead of music. Now, I understand that XXL is not always giving the best suggestion of musicians. And I don’t rap myself, I would say writing bars and rhymes are not easy at all, but sometimes rapping do help you out to relax. So, I would say I appreciate the effort of Le’Veon Bell for trying.

le'veon bell.gif

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