Taichi Mukai Savage 2019

Taichi Mukai Savage 2019

Taichi Mukai Savage

taichi mukai savage.jpeg

Taichi Mukai came back with his album SAVAGE that was released back on 18 September 2019. Clearly, I’ve been missing out few of Japanese artists new releases, I would suggest that if you are a fan of Nariaki Okuburo or Mondo Grosso, listening to Taichi Mukai is a must.


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Taichi Mukai is one of the Japanese artists that I think have such a great production, I would say that his style also reminds of SIRUP. I personally think that from the beginning, SAVAGE album is able to capture the ear of the listeners with Confession as the opening single. Overall, I would say that SAVAGE by Taichi Mukai is going to be on my playlist. These days I am into chilly songs to refresh my mind a little bit after a stressful month.

I do have a few favourite songs from this SAVAGE album Confession, Can’t Breathe, Voice Mail and Dying Young. It seems a lot, but I really think that this SAVAGE album by Taichi Mukai is really deserving more attention! I totally understand that some people are not familiar with Taichi Mukai yet, but guys Japan has really amazing solo artists that you need to check. I hope you guys will enjoy Taichi Mukai’s SAVAGE as much as I do and let us know which song is your favourite from SAVAGE album.

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