Kevin Prince Boateng aka PRIN$$ Boateng

Kevin Prince Boateng aka PRIN$$ Boateng

Kevin Prince Boateng aka PRIN$$ Boateng


Kevin Prince Boateng, the brother of Jerome Boateng actually has his own music career under name PRIN$$ Boateng. Now that you may know that Kevin Prince Boateng or PRIN$$ Boateng is not the only football player that actually establishing their music career outside football. You might familiar with Memphis Depay that Memphis has several released like Fall Back, No Love and Akwabaa that also featured a Dutch rapper, Winnie.

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But to be honest, PRIN$$ Boateng clearly has the confidence to put out his music out there. Back in 2018, PRIN$$ Boateng also appeared on the YouTube channel of World Star Hip-Hop, the channel has featured artists like Machine Gun Kelly and many others. PRIN$$ Boateng released King featuring Ty Elliot a rapper from Berlin.

I would say that it’s cool to see artists like David Alaba, Clint Dempsey from the football world that actually show their love on music. I think it shows that people are able to show their hobby outside their main career. I personally think that PRIN$$ Boateng’s songs are not my style, but I would say that he puts the effort.

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