To be fair, there are quite a different perspective on either Kpop has hip-hop influence or not. Personally, as a fan of all kind of music, I think in KPOP music there is an influence of hip-hop or R&B. What interesting is that on how Kpop artists are actually approaching the Japanese music industry or JPOP.

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JPOP is a very profitable market for Kpop agencies because Japan is famous for its CDs selling. Despite living in digital era, Japanese people are still buying CDs and actually me too. On this KPOP in Jpop, we are going to see a few of Japanese releases only by Kpop artists.

Bigbang’s Koewokikasete or Let Me Hear Your Voice was part of Bigbang’s Japanese release only. The song was released back in 2009, and the R&B influenced on this song actually showing the members’ vocal skills.

Bigbang’s Garagara Go!! was part of YG Entertainment’s boy group released back on 2009. The song actually reminds me of Lollipop the single that was released in the same year. One thing for sure, all the members look so young.

Bigbang’s Stay is actually my favourite Bigbang’s Japanese released, mainly because the song has more emotional lyrics compare to the other song, except, Koewokikasete. I feel like it’s interesting to only Japanese released songs, because I feel like to listen to a different song is more exciting rather than the translating one. But clearly, it will take a long time.

EXO’s Bird based on the news that I got, this song, Bird is the song that the members are releasing without Xiumin and D.O. due to military service, but also their member Lay. But I have to say that I feel touched by the song.

Exo’s Electric Kiss is also part of EXO’s Japanese release only and I think the music video is actually amazing. The song is really fun to watch and I think this song is a bit underrated because it was not in Korean(?). Actually, and sadly I would say that this show that the fans are not always liking the artists’ releases.

BTS’s Lights is also one of my favourites KPOP in JPOP releases. Although Lights was only a single, I got to say that it was a brilliant idea to came up with another different song that specifically written for the Japanese releases, and I even wrote a review here.

Winner’s Song 4 U It was actually WINNER’s song for their fans, it was a great move. I have to say that WINNER probably the idol group that facing a lot of obstacles along with their careers. I found that their songs are mostly amazing, but I do think that most of their songs are for “adult” people, although the members are totally different from each other, I think they are trying to find the balance so that each member able to find their own spotlight. I would say that this song, Song 4 U deserved an official release.

And there you are my KPOP IN JPOP, just in case I miss some of the songs, feel free to let me know on the comment section.

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