3K Ain’t One Of Us 2019

3K Ain’t One Of Us

3K Ain’t One Of Us

3K Ain't One Of Us.jpeg

3K just released their new track called Ain’t One Of Us, in 2019 3K released their collaborative EP with Agung Mango, Open For Business. As I said in the past that I am a fan of 3K because they remind me of a lot of Brockhampton (in a good way). I would say that 3K’s recent released, Ain’t One Of Us should be on your playlist, especially for those who just finished your exam, like me!


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I know that 3K might be the group that you are not familiar with, but I would definitely recommend them if you are living in Melbourne at the moment. Ain’t One Of Us was actually released last August, but if you are currently at Melbourne they will perform at Melbourne Music Week 2019, specifically on 14 November.

The video of 3K performed Ain’t One Of Us is being brought by Baked Goods Media, I honestly have no idea about the specific meaning of the song Ain’t One Of Us, but I do love the flow of this music in general. Check out on our OTHER section to see more music coming all over the world.

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