Serious Klein Lil Capo 2019

Serious Klein Lil Capo 2019

Serious Klein Lil Capo

serious klein lil capo.jpg

Serious Klein, a German-Ghanaian rapper just recently released his music video for the title track, Lil Capo. Serious Klein was born as Kelvin Boakye, in 1991 and has been active as an underground rap artist in Germany since 2009. Judging from the whole thing of Lil Capo, I would say that this music is better than most of the mumble raps and visual wise I do love that Serious Klein sort of adapting the Kendrick Lamar situation in a good way.

I really thought it was a cool homage of Serious Klein to Kendrick Lamar’s Humble. Despite that Lil Capo was brought in English I think that was very interesting for me, lyric-wise I would say I would understand it better, according to Revolt this music is dedicated to Serious Klein father. I am very drawn into personal inspired songs and these days I was not into a club banger anthems. I don’t know if either because waiting the result of today’s exam, or anything else.

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Later Serious Klein aka Kelvin Boakye explained that despite he didn’t grow up with his father, he felt the connection with him, furthermore, Serious Klein explained as quoted from Revolt;

“So “Capo,” which comes from the Italian language and stands for

the “guy“ or the “captain,“ is a homage to him and also to myself as in me being the junior

version of him”

I personally think that this music video is really worth it to check, I would totally recommend this single for you guys. It can be said that good music does not always have to come from America. Check on our OTHER pages to see more hip-hop artists from all around the world like Rincon Sapiência from Brazil, MHD from France and Burna Boy from Nigeria. Please do let us know what do you think on Lil Capo on the comment section below. Serious Klein also has his own debut album called You Should’ve Known back in 2018.

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