Arashi Turning Up 2019

Arashi Turning Up 2019

Arashi Turning Up

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The boy group, Arashi has been active for 20 years after a long hiatus they are back with 2 singles Brave and Turning Up. And of course, the sweetest reason from Arashi is to stay connected to the fans. Arashi also opened up about KPop and JPop rivalry in Indonesia press conference which I think Arashi’s response is a total class. That indeed JPop and Kpop as their own target market.

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But to be fair a lot of people are forgetting how good is Japanese boy groups were, for example, Teriyaki Boyz, in terms of being different. Teriyaki Boyz has collaborated with Kanye West, Pharrell Williams and more before Korean acts are able to do so. And even in 2019, rapper Xavier Wulf came up with his own remix version of Tokyo Drift by Teriyaki Boyz. And without a big promotion, an artist like Kenshi Yonezu managed to gain a hundred millions of views.

Despite the stiff competition, Arashi showing that they are still got their own target market with their new releases, Turning Up and Brave. To be fair the 2 music show how youthful Arashi is even they are at their 40s. I feel like Jpop fans are not too worry about the music video views. Overall, I would say that Turning Up and Brave are both a decent comeback for Arashi. And let us know what do you guys think about Arashi’s recent comeback to the fans.

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  1. RisefromAshes says:

    Loved reading your thoughts. Only nit-pick is that Arashi are in their late 30’s (Ohno being the oldest at 38, Jun the youngest at 36), not their 40’s quite yet! lol


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