True Damage Giants 2019

True Damage Giants

True Damage Giants

True Damage Giants.jpeg

This year’s main group for League of Legends is True Damage that composed of Becky G, Keke Palmer, Soyeon, Dukwrth and Thutmose. The group is different from last year’s group K/DA that composed of Madison Beer, Jaira Burns and G(I)DLE Soyeon and Miyeon. Most of the artists present last year did not return for True Damage’s project except Soyeon.

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Overall, I would say that League of Legends is indeed able to hype up the whole thing. Becky G also released Chicken Noodle Soup with BTS’s member J-Hope. I totally amazed that the musical performance provided by League of Legends actually exposed diversities in the music industry. I think with the performance Giants, Soyeon proofed herself that she is a true performer herself. From the collaboration, it can be said that no matter where you are from you can be cool as anyone else.

Last year’s K/DA Pop Star is all about girl power, where Madison Beer, Soyeon, Miyeon and Jaira Burns were actually burning the stage. But I think that this year’s League of Legends’ group True Giants is equally amazing and cool AF! Both K/DA and True Giants are going to be on the playlists of every gamer. But, I think it is cool to see Soyeon coming back as part of the League of Legends project. I think Soyeon is an amazing songwriter as she is in charge of the production of her group.

I think the performance Giants by True Damage is really cool, the music video is totally different from last year’s K/DA Pop Star, but I think both are equally cool. I like how the AI is now part of the music industry thing. Let us know what do you think on True Damage as a virtual hip-hop group on the comment section.


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