Lay Honey 2019

Lay Honey 2019

Lay Honey

Lay Honey.jpg

Lay as the only Chinese member of EXO who actually embarking his solo career outside South Korea actually has been successful. Recently, Lay released the EP, Honey which contained 4 songs.  Lay is actually one of few EXO members that actually have their solo album or EP other than Chen and Baekhyun.

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I think with a solo album, you are able to see the artists’ personality better. I think it’s also interesting to see Lay contributed a lot for this Honey EP. I think that in fact he also incorporates English throughout the EP is very interesting but at the same time, a lot of people are not only listening to English songs.

But I really appreciate how hard work that Lay put in for Honey EP, what I heard from the news it’s been a while that Lay actually participates with EXO comebacks, but I saw a lot of fans are keeping supporting him too (I found that cute and awesome at the same time). I think you could see a lot of different sides of Lay from this Honey EP, would say that I would recommend this EP for you guys. Let us know what is your favourite song from this EP.

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