Ignorance is Bliss Skepta 2019

Ignorance is Bliss Skepta 2019

ignorance is bliss skepta.jpg

Earlier this year, I reviewed Skepta’s No Vicious EP that was released back in 2017. Later in May Skepta released Ignorance is Bliss which I might lose it by chance. However, I did manage to listen to it before 2019 is ended.


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Ignorance is Bliss is an album with 13 tracks in total, the album generally received positive comments. Most of them praised Skepta’s lyrics, Pitchfork also praised Skepta’s rhyming on the track Bullet From A Gun. I would say that you could see or listen about London’s other side through Grime artists.  And I personally think that Bullet From A Gun is an amazing song too.

However, throughout the songs that has been released by Skepta through Ignorance is Bliss, I have to say that Glow In the Dark that featured Wiz Kid and Lay-Z got to be my favourite. And again, for me as a tourist, London might look the most beautiful city on Earth, but it might not for people who are part of minorities. With Glow in the Dark, I feel like the topic is about racism.

I knew what it was to be black way before I was on the GQ cover
How you gonna question me about colour?

I personally would like to recommend Ignorance is Bliss to you guys, don’t forget to leave us comments on the comment section below.

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