Fade2Black Tabik! 2019

Fade2Black Tabik!

Fade2Black Tabik!

Fade2Black Tabik!

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Tabik! is Fade2Black newest album, many of you might ask me why I didn’t review a lot of Indonesian rappers, but I think because I rarely listening to Indonesian hip-hop, Ariel Nayaka, Laze, Jayko, Saykoji, Jogja Hip Hop FoundationRamengvrl and Fade2Black are few of my Indonesian hip-hop musicians. I found that Fade2Black is not afraid to mix genre, you can listen that there is an influence of rock music into Fade2Black’s songs.


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My very first introduction with Fade2Black happened years back by the song Ya Sudahlah. But with the success of artists like Rich Brian and NIKI, hip-hop genre is being more acceptable in Indonesia, although I think that there are tons of artists that are trying to hard to be a rapper in Indonesia. So my tips, you need to check the OGs for hip-hop music back in Indonesia, or you can find the new generations like Ariel Nayaka and Laze are the best one.

I personally love the album Tabik! it reminds me a lot of my childhood memories and definitely, I miss Indonesia and can’t wait to go back home. One of the track called, Saat Hujan also featured Audrey Tapiheru a member of GAC who recently released Daisy, Saat Hujan seems like a romantic song to me, it somehow got their perfect balance between Audrey’s sweet voice and Fade2Black raps.

My other favourite track from Tabik! is Come Back Home, it reminds me of Where’d You Go by Mike Shinoda. The song called Tabik! is also my favourite, because I think it is very interesting to track. Pasti Bisa! or You Can Do It! is probably my jam from Tabik! the album, at this point in my life I really think that motivational song is really important for me.

I also find that Tabik! is filled with poetic terms, for example, the song Tangan dan Mata, I think it could be translated as someone who is very faithful to each other, I think the placement of this song is really perfect as their ending for Tabik! album. This album brought back my memories a lot! I am super glad that there are musicians that are still making amazing music, despite a lot of Indonesian kids are now shifting to K-Pop music.

Interestingly, the meaning of Tabik! in English is actually Salute, so this album might be particularly dedicated to someone special or heroic for Fade2Black’s members. I would like to recommend Tabik by Fade2Black to all Indonesian readers and other Indonesian music fans! This album is totally worth it. Let us know what do you think about Tabik! by Fade2Black on the comment section below. Overall, for me Tabik! by Fade2Black is a decent album.

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    Thank you.., really appreciate it..


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