AJ Tracey & Skepta – Kiss And Tell

AJ Tracey & Skepta – Kiss And Tell

AJ Tracey & Skepta - Kiss And Tell.png

Skepta and AJ Tracey dropped their first collaboration for Kiss and Tell. As you may read from the blog that I have posted about Skepta and AJ Tracey in the past. And I really think that this collaboration is really cool. British grime and hip-hop scene has been on the rise, and frequent collaborator like Drake introduce the world grime to the rest of the world.

I really think that Kiss and Tell is really a fun track that everyone should listen to, AJ Tracey himself has been Skepta’s fan since a while. I have to admit that sometimes UK scene is really interesting, especially talents like Skepta, AJ Tracey and DAVE that actually super approachable to the US hip-hop fans.


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I guess there is no specific meaning behind the song Kiss and Tell, I think the song itself is filled with good vibes, but if you might want to find the hidden meaning behind the song, do check out Genius.com. I would say if you haven’t listened to the British music scene, you should try listening to Skepta and AJ Tracey, it might give you another inspiration or different culture of rap music I guess.


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