Anti Anti Generation Radwimps 2018

Anti Anti Generation Radwimps

Anti Anti Generation Radwimps

radwimps anti anti generation.jpeg

Anti Anti Generation is an album by the band Radwimps back in 2018, for those who love Linkin Park, Yungblud, UVERWORLD and ONE OK ROCK, listening to Radwimps is a must. With Anti Anti Generations, you could listen to the influence of rap-rock on this album, which I think is really interesting. Rap-rock was quite a huge thing back in early 2000, especially with Linkin Park influence. I really think that the Japanese rock scene is really interesting and different from any rock scene around the world.

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Catharsist is a song that shows the capability of  Yojiro Noda as a singer and rapper for Radvimps.  Tazuna and Sokkenai are my favourites too from this Anti Anti Generation album. Clearly, if you have read the blog for a while I am going to love Paparazzi from this album. I think the lyrics are so cool, and Radwimps came up with its English version in 2019 for Paparazzi. What amazed me is that Yojiro Noda explained that Paparazzi is a song dedicated to dads, and making kids are proud of their dads’ jobs. I really think that this is really inspiring and according to Genius, it’s not only from the dads’ point of view but also the kids.

I personally think that Anti Anti Generation is built upon a bell shape, so there is excitement and emotional building throughout the album. I I U is somewhat a very touching soft-rock song, so I believe that with Anti Anti Generation Radwimps able to mix and match various genre.

And right after I I U, Radwimps comeback with a powerful song with rap influence with the track TIE TONGUE, the song also featured the Japanese rapper, Miyachi. I personally love that they cooperate a lot of genre with this album.  The fact that they also tried to make an English song with a sublime pronunciation is the best thing. I would totally recommend this album. PS: You can’t judge Japanese music without listening to it yet, this interview proof how good their English is. Let us know what is your favourite Radwimps song.

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