“Omelet” Vinida ft. Dough-boy

“Omelet” Vinida ft. Dough-boy

Vinida ft. Dough-boy


Vinida’s “Omelet” 煎蛋 featuring Hong Kong rapper Dough-boy provides a special type of flexing, flexing your kitchen skills. The music video features Vinida as a restaurant manager that has to impress a powerful man (an old-style Chinese official) who is dissatisfied with the food. As Vinita raps about cooking in one scene another shows her walking down a hall with the dish that will satisfy, jiandan (“fried egg”/omelet). This is the dish that saves the day and the man approves at the end of the music video, and the chorus itself provides a catchy recipe.


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Vinida is an extremely talented rapper and she brings a very chill presence to all of her music videos that goes well with her style and flow. If you are new to Vinida, you will always know it is her if she says “Trick or Treat” before the song. Her delivery of the lines of the chorus is solid but she really shines in her verse, continuing the cooking metaphor of being the best in her craft. The pre-chorus itself is especially effective:

“As I grew up talent became second nature. I want to become a legend and I also want FENDI. I’ve been doing this for so long, boy you think it’s easy being me, huh?”

Dough-boy is multi-lingual, being able to rap in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. He is at his best in Cantonese and his English rapping is usually good (his opening verse in “Li Ka Shing”), but in this song it is lacking. He seems to be lagging behind the instrumentals a little and it throws his whole verse off. He makes up for it with his presence in the music video and his rapping of the pre-chorus before the final chorus. In the music video he is a cook-scientist who is creating the perfect omelet while flexing about his influence in the rapping community:

“Straight from the start, know I’m on it I’m whipping it hard, omelet. They like the way that I’m moving. Every language I speak I’m fluent. These kids in Hong Kong I influenced. If I were to stop you, you ruined.”

These two master rappers together become master chefs in this catchy track that might make you hungry but it’s totally worth it.

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