CL Reportedly Left YG 2019

CL Reportedly Left YG

CL Reportedly Left YG


CL has reportedly left YG after she does not prolong her contract back on 7 November 2019. CL is known of her charisma and contributing for numerous 2NE1’s songs. But it has been a while since actually, she got her own music.

CL is such an amazing entertainer, she firstly debuted as the member of 2NE1 as their main rapper and relatively has a good career both in Korea and overseas. The turmoil of 2NE1’s career started when reports starting to make false acquisition on Park Bom’s medication of amphetamine. The group than on hiatus dan disbanded back in 2016. Minzy also left the group and YG to pursue her solo career.

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What angered the fans are back in 2016, YG promised to have 2NE1 comeback, but instead, they are debuted the girl group BLACKPINK. Well, it is not BLACKPINK’s fault but 2NE1 members themselves have lack of solo promotional compared to BLACKPINK.

Dara, for example, has no solo songs since 2009, CL last’s released was Lifted. Since then CL tried to promise the fans for new music releases both in 2017 and 2018. I personally Little Pony’s soundtrack is not really counted, because I think that is not her real music.

But to be fair, it could be a better thing to do if she is going to left YG, I think after 10 years being together with YG Entertainment, I think it is a good thing to start a new start just like Park Bom did with D-Nation. D-Nation giving Park Bom a lot of better opportunities to release her music after 8-year hiatuses.

CL Journey as solo lead artist

Baddest Female 

CL is known for the track Baddest Female, which embodied strong women personality, this track is part of CL’s trademark and we could not lie about it.


The track MTBD is part of 2NE1’s Crush album back in 2014, the track is a club banger and has powerful delivery from CL.

Hello Bitches

While the main music video is never being released, the dance performance of this song has gathered millions of views. Again, and CL shows that she is one of a kind of female entertainers in South Korea.


Lifted supposed to be CL’s entry to the US-based market. But that’s her last main release, and since then she seems gone, although she did feature on artists like PKCZ and Black Eyed Peas, she is not releasing her main songs.


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