Feeling Empty, 2019

Feeling Empty, 2019

Feeling Empty


Welcome to my playlist section. I have shared my thoughts and feelings about what will I do and feel right after graduation. I just felt that I’m too stressed about things in life that I supposed not to think about.

I really hope that I will do well with my IELTS after my exam, I really need it. Other than that I am really worried about things in life, I feel like I am not ready for this adulthood chapters. I mean I can’t lie I want to be a forever fangirl. Many of you might not know that I am a fan of various things, from music, arts and sports. Despite being a professional fangirl, I would think it this way, that diversities and appreciation to other people is important right?


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But I really do feel empty in my life, I am tired of the comparison being asked to me “what will you do, you are over 20 now?”, or even the question “have you got a boyfriend yet?”. I am young in my mind but considered not in many Asian countries. And sometimes I thought it always is the best thing to be a kid. Anyways, my playlist is going to mix from Korean, Japanese, French (might be) and English songs. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do.


I feel like some people are not even aware that I am a human too and there are things that are not well translated when you are with other people. I guess I am an introverted person, but yes I am worried despite my smiling face and most importantly I am very scared. Hope you guys enjoy my choice of songs from MINO, Xiumin, Joji, Madison Beer, Utada Hikaru and YUNGBLUD.

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