LIVE Drama OST 2018

LIVE Drama OST 2018


LIVE Drama OST 2018.jpg

The drama, LIVE that was aired back in 2018 has tons of fantastic soundtrack. The drama itself was starred by Running Man‘s Lee Kwangsoo and one of the most talented South Korean actress, Jung Yumi. The soundtrack has the best artists from South Korea like Punch, EXO-CBX, Hang Dong Geun and Davichi.

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PUNCH herself has been part of Goblin’s soundtrack, Fiery Priest’s soundtrack, Moon Lovers and Hotel Del Luna. While EXO-CBX also has taken part for the soundtrack Moon Lovers. I love Han Dong Geun’s voice too, and you might know why by looking at the history of YG Family artists here.

I think most of the songs are really lovely, Someone Like You by EXO-CBX, After a Day by Han Dong Geun and Why Why Why by Punch are my favourite. I think the songs are very touching. Let us know what do you think about the OST for the drama LIVE. LIVE is about the story of policemen’s life. I think I might watch it one day, considering Jung Yung Mi is one of my favourite actresses.

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